Jeff Bezos-Backed La Haus to Accept Bitcoin as Payment Method

Jeff Bezos-Backed La Haus to Accept Bitcoin as Payment Method


La Haus,  the Jeff Bezos-backed startup, recently announced accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. The Latin American property tech firm joined the trend of accepting crypto as a payment in the region.

The platform lets users buy homes via an app and will help buyers pay via digital currencies. The operation starts with a house in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. La Haus intends to accept cryptocurrencies for over 80,000 properties listed in its inventory.

Rodrigo Sanchez-Rios, the Co-Founder and President of La Haus, talked about the recent announcement. Rodrigo stated that La Haus sees Bitcoin as the reserve currency of the coming time. As a tech-based company at heart, it is natural for La Haus to lead the industry with such technology.

The startup joined hands with OpenNode, the Los Angeles-based payment processor, to facilitate the transactions. OpenNode will undertake the transactions over the Lighting Network and on-chain. 

Using the Lighting Network will facilitate seamlessly and promptly. However, the development does not mean that the sellers will necessarily get the payment in crypto. La Haus will take the role of an intermediary to pay them in fiat currencies. There is no official statement as to how much BTC will stay in the firm’s balance sheet.

Despite showcasing major fluctuations, Bitcoin is garnering widespread adoption in the Latin American Market. With more than 1.2 trillion dollars in market capitalization, there is no denying the reach and stature of BTC. 

The crypto recently broke through its all-time high, currently trading around 65,000 dollars. It even became a legal tender in El Salvador, sparking interest amid companies in the nation.

With the latest integration, Rodrigo believes that La Haus will significantly simplify the home-purchasing process. It will reduce the time and paperwork needed to conduct traditional purchases. The startup also hired a former presidential adviser and Colombian 

Deputy minister to lead the project.

Given the names that back La Haus, it will surely take the industry by a storm.

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