Twitter to Introduce a New Blockchain-Linked Tab in the App

Twitter to Introduce a New Blockchain-Linked Tab in the App


Twitter is reportedly working on a tab to display a user’s collection of NFTs, and it is expected to be ready soon. According to a tweet from one of the company’s software engineers, the social media platform began working on this feature in September. The feature was then in the early experimental stage. The video in the tweet explained how users would be able to connect their crypto wallet from any of the popular options like Metamask,, or Coinbase. The user can then choose one of the NFTs to use as their profile picture. The tab on their profile will be labeled as ‘Collectibles’, where the entire NFT collection will be stored. 

The profile picture will have a small badge that will help verify it as a real NFT. Twitter had earlier hinted about users being able to verify the NFTs that they tweet. Recently, one of the reverse engineers of the company showed how the thing has changed since then. The employee shared a tweet describing a more detailed version than the one originally provided. It was also revealed that Twitter has been working on a view that lets users get a close-up look at an NFT. 

The users will also be able to scroll through a page that will show detailed information about an NFT. The details include a description, its creators, other properties, and information on the collection. One must note that the Collectibles tab might take the position of the Likes tab in the user’s profile, where they might have to scroll horizontally. 

People have also stated that Twitter should have focused on more pressing issues than the dedicated NFTs features. Twitter should have been using its resources to add better features devoted to fighting against misinformation. The misinformation prevention tool Birdwatch has remained hidden. The Birdwatch is the crowd-sourced misinformation tool launched in January to empower the community to identify questionable content.

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