Jordan Peterson Buys More Bitcoin

Jordan Peterson Buys More Bitcoin


After his conversation with Dr. Saifedean Ammous, Dr. Jordan B, Peterson has been encouraged to buy more Bitcoin. Ammous has authored famous books such as The Fiat Standard and The Bitcoin Standard, while the best-selling Author Peterson hosts JBP Podcasts that take up a variety of issues for discussion – from fiat currency to cryptocurrency and from economic scenarios to political situations. 

Tweeting after the discussion, Peterson wrote that he learned a lot from his conversation with Ammous and bought some more Bitcoin. Ammous gave detailed and insightful information on various aspects of Bitcoin, including its technology, economic system, and dynamics it creates within the supply and demand constraints. 

Ammous also walked through the details of why the alternative system of digital currency is unique and what are key things that one should keep in mind before starting investing in Bitcoin. All the complex details were articulated by the Ammous in an incredibly simple manner so that commoners could understand the issue without any problem. 

Many of the questions asked by Peterson represent the doubt and complexities that beginners often face while venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies. Ammous said that there is no insider in the domain of Bitcoin, which means that this alternative monetary system can be trusted completely. 

As Explained by Ammous, there is no master key, and hence, no centralization concerns are there that they need to sort out. Bitcoin only comes with the users rather than administrators, which makes it a truly decentralized currency with a high level of efficiency and transparency. 

Uses of Bitcoin are equally treated, and this is indeed a revolutionary aspect of the currency. Unlike other monetary systems which can allow for arbitrary sanctions, Bitcoin is immune from discrimination and has been grown in a completely organic manner so as to represent a force of authenticity and transparency. The primary attraction of Bitcoin is its neutrality which keeps it apart from the rest. 

In addition to discussing the modalities and challenges related to Bitcoin, the discussion also featured a comprehensive talk about the current economic system and its drawbacks. Discussions also included Central Banks, Government Regulators, and Policy Changes that are currently dominating the economic scenario around the globe. The role of the state in the management of the money had also been discussed in what could be termed as insightful discussions for one and all.

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