Strategic Investment in SolChicks — Kucoin Labs

Strategic Investment in SolChicks — Kucoin Labs


SolChicks, a leading NFT P2E and PvP fantasy gaming ecosystem on the popular Solana blockchain, is partnering with KuCoin Labs, a 100 million US Dollar scheme capital fund presented by KuCoin to empower the early-stage businesses and entrepreneurs in the new metaverse space. Being the world’s 6th largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume, KuCoin operates with the sole objective to enable the free flow of cryptocurrency and other digital value on a global level so that everyone gets access to crypto trading.

SolChick is built around attractive NFT collectibles that players can use to play their SolChick characters in an innovative gaming metaverse. The development team at SolChick is ready to partner with KuCoin Labs, a prolific investor, to share their innovative and exciting SolChicks games with the entire blockchain community.

About KuCoin Labs

With the main focus on building blockchain and crypto-based games, KuCoin funds the early-stage crypto projects, NFTs, and other decentralized apps. The key objective of KuCoin is to speed up the development process of the global internet industry along with the main focus on developing the emerging as well as promising blockchain industry.

The platform supports different projects with branding, marketing, incubation services, business partnerships, and go-to-market strategies to bring exponential growth of blockchain network application within the metaverse projects.

KuCoin’s fund targets committed and strong project teams, business models, innovative technology, a tangible item, and an advanced development stage.  

About SolChicks

One of the largest and fastest-growing P2E in Solana, SolChicks operates with a development team of more than 70 members, along with a blue-chip development team of crypto games which has previously brought about gaming titles like PUBG, MapleStory, Tera, and Dungeon Fighter.

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