STACS to Enroll in Mastercard's Blockchain Program

STACS to Enroll in Mastercard’s Blockchain Program


Mastercard’s new Start Path Blockchain Programs is one of the leading programs dedicated to supporting fast-growing digital assets, cryptocurrency, and blockchain companies. Mastercard’s blockchain program helps accelerate the innovation of digital assets, making it easier and simpler for people and institutions to buy digital assets like cryptocurrency. And STACS, which is a start-up, has enrolled itself in this program.

Since STACS is one of the seven fastest-growing digital assets companies, it will be helpful for innovations in the digital fields. Along with Mastercard’s blockchain program, STACS will provide one of the safest and easiest digital assets technology and blockchain for the people and institutions to trust and purchase.

The partners and clients of STACS include global banks, national stock exchanges, and asset managers. This company is also active in the ecosystem of worldwide financial institutions that comes under the ESG. Taking the ESG points under consideration, STACS becomes one of the sustainable financial institutions.

In 2021, STACS was awarded the best Fintech ESG Solution in the well-known DigFin Innovation Awards. In one of the interviews, the Executive Vice president of Mastercard stated that the company plays a vital role in carving the future of digital assets. The company’s primary goal is to keep customer’s security in front. And they are very excited to help STACS and other fintech companies and succeed in the innovations in digital assets.

Likewise, the Managing Director of STACS mentioned that participating in Mastercard’s Blockchain program would solve the problems. He also said they also empower Assets and Wealth Management, End-to-End Digital Securities, etc. They are very thrilled to collaborate with Mastercard’s program and get involved in real-world cases and expand their platforms in helping other companies achieve innovation in the field of digital assets.

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