Neuberger Berman Adds ETH and BTC to The Portfolio

Neuberger Berman Adds ETH and BTC to The Portfolio


The international investment corporation, Neuberger Berman, has decided to add the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum to the company’s asset portfolio. With an asset reserve worth $400 billion, the investment firm is now looking forward to making active and substantial investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum. In this regard, the company has filed form 497 with the US Securities and Exchange Commission for venturing into the cryptocurrency industry. The firm will provide cryptocurrency investment services to clients if approved by the SEC. This will consequently increase the global exposure of Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Neuberger Berman offers streamlined investment solutions in private and public cryptocurrency markets across multiple asset classes, capitalizations, styles, and geographies. It is an employee-owned, private, and independent corporation for investment management that handles hedge fund portfolios, private equity, fixed income, equities, and multiple assets for clients, including individuals of high net worth, financial advisors, and international institutional investors. Established in 1939, the firm Neuberger Berman operates across 24 nations with a diverse team of more than 2300 officials. As of today, the firm has filed an application for a commodity-focused fund to provide indirect exposure to cryptocurrency investments. The Commodity Strategy Fund enables investors to make indirect investments in cryptocurrency assets through ETH and BTC futures and in Bitcoin trusts and ETFs. 

The international investment firm is popular across the world. It is associated with huge clients and as such, their investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum will create fiercely bullish trends in the crypto market. At present, the firm is also looking forward to launching investment services in futures and derivatives of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The investment firm will be offering investment services in ETFs and trusts for clients who seek indirect exposure to cryptocurrencies. 

Currently, there seems to be a bullish trend in Bitcoin markets. Hundreds of new users are joining the Bitcoin market every day to trade and invest in Bitcoin. The network of Bitcoin has also reported an increase in the number of cryptocurrency holders. As of June 2021, the primary holdings of the investment firm include Brent crude, heating oil, corn, and gold.

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