Wall Street’s Sensible Analysis About Bitcoin Fluctuations

Wall Street’s Sensible Analysis About Bitcoin Fluctuations


The constant fluctuation in the crypto market is no news, but Wall Street trying to make sense out of it is one. Strategists from Wall Street have undertaken the daunting task of assessing Bitcoin and other currencies’ outlook. Given the ongoing polarizing fluctuations of the crypto sector, the task appears to be almost impossible. Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, leading a team at JPMorgan Chase and Company, stated that it is still early to call it Bitcoin’s end. On the other hand, Goldman Sachs Group stated that the concurring fluctuations are repelling investors globally.

Medley Global Advisors LLC went as far as to state that Bitcoin might even fall to 20,000 dollars market value. For a cryptocurrency aiming to breach the 60k dollar mark a week ago, the statement seems startling. However, seeing Bitcoin’s constant fall, the prediction is not entirely unfeasible. Tesla refusing to accept Bitcoin and China’s ban on cryptocurrencies brought a severe downfall for the crypto sector. Bitcoin fell almost 50% of its market value but stabilized briefly on Monday. BTC climbed 6% to reach the value of 35,600 dollars. Mark Cuban termed the ongoing movement as the Great Unwind. He stated that traders get money to invest in ETH and use ETH to get more stable coins. The coins are used to LP a profitable APY pair and take the SLPs. These are staked to garner maximum yield, and the circle goes on. However, the moment ETH fails to offer value, investors are forced to unwind, unstake, take out liquidity to repay their loans.

Goldman Sachs authors like Christian Mueller-Glissmann, Allison Nathan, Zach Pandl, and Jeffrey Currie, provided different outlooks on the market. This included ETH’s potential to overtake BTC as a store of value, given the crypto volatility posed by Bitcoin. 

Amy Wu Silverman (RBC’s derivative strategist) based a theory on the measures of risk-adjusted returns. As per Amy, the Sharpe Ratio shows how BTC performs better than shares in Elon-led Tesla Inc. As things stand, be it established names like Bitcoin and Ether or meme coins like Dogecoin, every crypto is stuck in a downward spiral. While numerous projects are shaping up to break the cycle, the developments have already repelled many investors. It is safe to state that new investors and traders will refrain from investing hefty amounts for some time now. However, it is not all bad, as cryptocurrencies are gradually crawling back to their former values.

The recent fall has exposed cryptocurrencies’ market volatility to the world. With almost every crypto falling, Wall Street is trying to make sense of the disposition to the market. Experts have different opinions on the matter, but the fall will certainly affect the industry for some time. The crypto industry is trying to maintain its composure with new projects and partnerships on the way.

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