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Bitcoin’s Awaited Spike Above $9k Strikes Today

  • Bitcoin (BTC) resets the 7-day high at $9,143
  • The current momentum spikes hope among the traders

Bitcoin has astounded the traders today with an amazing movement in the market. The coin has surpassed the 7-days high and has set a new one at $9,143. The week-long movement of Bitcoin was not impressive as there was a freeze spotted around $8,500 level followed by $8,800. It looks like the upsurge which was long awaited by the traders is finally here. The intraday traders can utilise the current momentum at its best. The same indicates beneficial time in the running along with the flourishing future. The first quarter holds high expectations from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Comparison:

Bitcoin (BTC) Price News

Bitcoin started the day trading at $8,771 in the yesterday’s trading duration. The coin was spotted marking a mere upsurge of 1.01% by touching $8,859. The coin continued at the same level till 9:00 UTC but later experienced a fall of 1.35% and dipped to $8,734. The improvement in the coin was immediately seen after the same when the price counter escalated by 0.77% at $8,800. After a slight slip at $8,723, BTC price returned to $8,760 and locked itself. Before closing the day, Bitcoin experienced an upsurge and it ended the day trading at $8,789. There was a moderate regression marked during the intraday movement of the coin.

Today, Bitcoin started with an upsurge of 2%. The price counters moved from $8,789 to $8,967. From 03:40 UTC to 08:41 UTC, BTC price was locked at the same level. Recently, Bitcoin escalated to $9,143 marking it as the intraday high.

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