Feeder Finance and ACryptoS Announce Partnership

Feeder Finance and ACryptoS Announce Partnership


ACryptoS (ACS) is a top Binance Smart Chain (BSC) yield optimizer with $150M in Total Value Locked and a stellar safety record. The ACS team created ACSI Finance, a next-gen AMM based on Balancer V2 that enables a liquidity pool of up to eight tokens as well as a stableswap DEX.

The collaboration with ACS/ACSI would involve the following:

Partnership for Vault Aggregation

Feeder has gathered a total of 19 vaults on ACS to date using the so-called “ACS Strategy.” When AutoFarming becomes live, LP Token deposits will be added to Feeder as well as ACSI Balancer pools, expanding the deposit choices available through AutoFarming.

As of now, there are potentially over 50 deposit choices available, and it will keep on rolling out and promote ACSI and ACS as they expand and create new goods and services.

Feeder believes that aggregating and simplifying information for consumers will help the ecosystem as a whole. Getting involved with AcryptoS is a massive milestone for Feeder and the latter couldn’t be more thrilled to be collaborating with such a great team and community.

About AcryptoS

 ACryptoS provides three products on the Binance Smart Chain:

  • ACS Vaults yield optimizer
  • ACSI Finance – the next-gen AMM
  • Cryptocurrency ACSI – the StableSwap DEX

The tokenomics and fees are designed for long-term staking, rewarding long-term holders of the ACS and ACSI native tokens.

Partnership Details

New ACSI LP Pool for FEED, BNB, BTC, ETH, and ETH

By joining forces with ACSI in this collaboration, the two organizations will create the Feeder and ACSI Limited Partnership (LP) Pool, supported by Feeder and ACSI, over five months.

By creating a new pool, they hope to increase the liquidity of both projects’ native tokens, stabilize the prices of major cryptocurrencies, and show the customers that they value their partnership with them.

It’s also worth noting that 1Inch has combined ACSI’s liquidity pools. Thus, trades via Feeder’s Exchange DEX functionality, notably the FEED token, will also travel through ACSI to receive the best swap prices.

About ACSI Finance

Acsi.Finance is a next-generation AMM/DEX based on the new Balancer V2 protocol, the first of its kind on the Binance Smart Chain. It brings significant advances to the AMM/DEX sector, including the following:

– Significantly lower gas costs

– Availability pools of up to eight tokens with variable weights

– Reinvestment of capital through the use of asset managers

Additionally, Acsi. Finance pools own a stake in the ACryptoS Protocol, with farms generating ACSI tokens on app.acryptos.com.

ACSI Onsen Pool FEED Reward

The Feeder would assist ACS/ACSI by providing FEED token awards for the Core Onsen Pool (ACS-ACSI-BUSD-BNB) joint effort. The ACS/ACSI community would discover about Feeder and enter the Feeder community in exchange for rewards. They will receive extra benefits for their dedication to the ACS/ACSI initiatives.

Collaborations in Marketing

They will use press releases and reach out to various media outlets to inform them about the collaboration and the new FEED-BNB-BTC-ETH-ACSI LP Pool.

To Conclude

The Feeder group expressed its gratitude to the ACS/ACSI development community for agreeing to this collaboration. 

Let us hope that the two communities will have a long and fruitful partnership as they work together to improve the DeFi and crypto environment as a whole.

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